Reverse Godzilla

By | 1 May 2019

The day you left you said I never looked at you like I look at Godzilla
Point taken
I still look at you
I look at you like Godzilla looks at a big building or
Which really should be enough
It used to be enough
But it’s not
And this house is too big
And it’s full of tapes that have already been watched
I’ve got no one to rewind them for me
This house is littered with them
I put the first tape in and started the thing in reverse
Godzilla wasn’t knocking over buildings anymore
He didn’t ruin anything at all he just sorta
Fixed stuff
He built things
He picked up his feet and created life
He doesn’t stomp on anything
I watched him help a giant bird back into the sky
I watched him breath a blue ray of light and
A lighthouse
I think it was for us

I’ve been watching all night
His tender hand builds cities
I love Godzilla, and I love you
But now I love reverse Godzilla too
So I gained him in losing you
But I would trade him for just one tape of us
I’d rewind it every day

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