By | 1 June 2014

oh oh oh (etc.,)
The curved corner bar reflected sun off cars oh
Tiled corner bar of all favoured bars oh
Fortune cookie of bars oh
Roast duck corned beef calamari risotto bistro of the bar oh
Carlton and United blackboard of the bar oh
Alcohol floods through all who stop to worry that things could be better oh
oh oh oh (etc.,)
It doesn’t really matter any more because we’re all whores oh
All attention seeking whores in a city of whores of phantasmagorical super capitalist
slave whores oh
I could slit up right now here in the bar slit up right now no one would care oh
In fact they’d insert theirs and not care put their little knives in there and not care oh
If they slit up I’d put mine in theirs I’d put mine in theirs also
oh oh oh (etc.,)
We urbane ourselves like wild things in the boredom of the bar oh
The decay of everything and the beauty of everything by the jar oh
The jar of every diffuse sundown until all is undone and re-discovered in the darkness
of the bar and bistro oh
The jar of all starlight and moonlight through haze of stars the jar of blackest night oh
No moon or stars the jar of no stars and bars but navy blue and moustaches oh
Tables out the back and toilets bare moustaches football stars and palm trees oh
This jar you gaze into crystal ball of jars oh
This jar oh
Facing the jar I’m doing to the jar what I always do to the jar oh
The jar you go looking for and never find until it’s there oh
Facing the jar you’re doing to the jar what you always do to the jar oh
You make the jar feel wanted the strangest jar the usual jar oh
It is the only jar that can call itself a jar oh
It is my jar my lovely jar oh
oh oh oh (etc.,)

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