An Enough [letter to those Melbourne poets]

By | 1 June 2014

putting an end to . to fin
ish . after an exhaustion , a sent
ence . not of a person . not a . ho
w of . much heaves . nor to ma
ke pure . nor change . most a how of dare o
r share . much of the space without the cu
t . first the sound them . sec
ond the sense those . first the poem the
se . second the theory . without the line
ar one is . prove to variety they .

yet half if just the said said later wi
th a difference . enough then . eno
ugh now and nothing bundled . and brea
th has less to do than ever . no
t barren . or rich . not this writ

istling . neither resolving the li
near nor solving the circle .

probably the atom more rearr
angeable than the alphabet .
a search for beauty nor to stump .
nor how thort followed think
ing . . no
r an intervention .

nor stating a th
ing a thing more appropriate under
neath . a somewhat flippant strange co
mment surface .

nor to make no . concessions be
cause of the difficulty . these poles ha
ve the between them .

re is nothing to show for th
is . the moral is honest eno
ugh to turn on quicksand .

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One Response to An Enough [letter to those Melbourne poets]

  1. Andrew Thompson says:

    Hey mark, it’s Andrew Thompson from school. I’d really like to get in touch. You were a great mate and haven’t forgotten about you.