Turntable Music

By | 1 November 2017

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott 1.1.1935 – 5.7.2013: after her work ‘Bright Shadow’, 2011

for best, it seems you have taken mother’s bowl
the one she keeps her olives in, the tall green vase
in plain alchemy white, given me by second son
when shadows fill cups and bowl and at times the light behind
a beaker stands at just right height, a clustered
symphony redrawn on tissue paper to lightly
weigh and turn

too easy, she demurs
to move still life, exhibit what is left
influences and dynasties, ceramic pots
and paintings, sculptures sotto breath
you tap a finer language, pots or shapes
unadorned perhaps but limitless to what
they can intelligently say, assortment spread
seemingly displayed as simple but there is

a common thread–
I can see mother would enjoy her wares
displayed just so before she too moves on, her gaze
distracted by another’s work falls low
and shadows fill her olive bowl
gallery-hung for all to measure light
when bowl empties at an alarming rate
when porcelain ties translucent night

that hangs there–
three dimensional jars and jugs
play music just like glass, clusters
viewed as if to channel light
sounds of awe soaring from her throat
connecting her to music that she thought lost
of another time

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