thought to

1 November 2017

I thought to
write about the ocean
I had been
thinking of places of aloneness
enclosed places
come and go as I please

write about
the ocean
address what
she said
−sovereignty of
capacious darkness
flat light
liquid of living
and dying
things reflecting
in more darkness
space and matter in
between fluid skin

becoming airy
thinning out
things in between one
thing and another
surfaces change and
restless folding into
each other

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About Judy Annear

Judy Annear is a writer and curator based in Sydney. She is author of The photograph and Australia 2015 (AGNSW, Sydney), and initiator and one of 16 writers for Exquisite consequences 2016. She was published in Cordite Poetry Review and Australian Poetry Journal vol 6, no 2 2016.


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