By | 1 November 2017

Birthday, hometown address,
Indivisible prime, thirteen
Cowards avoid: hived and released
Are the firefly chorus line

That dizzily seduced the random
To hatch a prodigy. Tanned
Supermodels and showroom
Wide-boys be warned:

Here’s an unexpected collaborator
Shot of the thick, tight knot
Civilisation kept lowering over
His head, well out of it

Now in a place of his own.
No relatives, no rental –
A pool, double-glazing and lawn;
Gypsum-white scroll and finial

And famous poets’ benedictions
Brass-plating the entrance hall.
Friends, colleagues, your attention!
I leave this in-tray full

Where it lies for greater minds
To trawl; to ride a limousine
Into limitless Saturday sunshine,
Debts annulled, the day won…

To grope, untimely rolled
From sleep; to take the phone
Half-excited, half in dread
(Let it not be shared, but mine alone!) –

Madam, are you sitting down?

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