By | 1 November 2017

It’s raining now so I won’t see
Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.
They were to be in the vicinity
of the quartermoon tonight.
Celestial happenstance, the paper
said, and not to reoccur
’til after my body’s dead and gone
back to where it came from.
Infinity, I guess, but then,
I don’t really know. I have such
trouble with spaces. Consider
the heavenly bodies. They seem
to be somehow akin to the organs
packed inside me. I have no better
idea how far it is from Jupiter
to Mars than from a kidney
to my liver. And what about
the gall bladder? Where’s it at
and how long does it take to get
there from thyroid gland or heart?
What’s in between all these places
like Neptune and Uranus,
lung and epiglottis, Saturn
and cerebellum? Is there a relation
or do I need a chart to find my way
from Mercury to the larynx?
Do I pass my womb on the road
to Jupiter, Venus, and Mars?
Maybe I knew when I was a baby
swimming star in utero,
but I’m outside now and don’t remember
if Pluto is tangent to vagina.
I should ask an ovary, or testicle
if I had one. Excuse me, please,
but can you tell how far it is
from the cervix to the moon?
When I came down the birth canal
I missed a crucial turn
and lost my sense of distance
in the breech between head and feet.

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