Asymptote (Palindrome in e: 27182818284590452353)

By | 1 November 2017

Infinite sets,
to unity,
present critical
over a map.

I eat ash.

To me,
log is key,
logistic to a symptom,
eerie, at a shape …

The ramp-rise
(so vertical, entire)
sent crypts
to unite
finites in.

Note: This poem is an ‘aelindrome’, palindromic in the decimal expansion of Euler’s number, e. Thus, the first palindromic units, 2718…, parse the letters as follows: [In]2[finite s]7[e]1[ts to unit-]8, which reflects backward as, [-ts to unit]8[e]2[finites]7[in]2. This process continues to e’s twentieth significant figure.


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