True North

By | 1 September 2013

(i remember)
on row on row of
powder pinker than pussy
disappearing into our skulls
through a crispy blue five-dollar bill
(i remember)
tenacious neon slivers
clinging to your brand-new president’s choice debit card
(i remember)
shyly bending to the bill and
pushing down my neck
with a loosely-cupped palm and four blunt hooks
(i remember)
because the curled paper conduit
wasn’t high past the membrane wasn’t
deep enough inside me
(i remember)
my sinuses
starting to blaze under my skin like
a lighthouse
or maybe like rudolph
(i remember)
your strong smooth fingers
your hard short nails
dancing on walnut veneer and
on my knees
(i remember)
cheek-puckering residue working down my throat
on the unseen depths of my
(i remember)
how you cried without blinking
(i remember)
shallow blue fountains as
you whispered I love you
like a
(i remember)
like the bitter taste of come
pushed down by some eager cock
(i remember)
ejaculation – genocide
those millions
that i gulp or gag i guess
(i remember)
and i swallow
each desolate and inevitable death.
(i remember)
i remember.
yes, i still remember.
and you still try to tell me that
wasn’t fucking intimacy.

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