Operation ‘Or’

By | 1 September 2013

Operation ‘or’ of current loud and a fence:
the cattle were driven pictorially under the opening credits.
We assume the machine, we carry the one.
If you live in London or motorcar you may
apply for this job. Don’t always drive at full speed.
Come and sit down beside me.

The dog came running up to his master,
receiving an initial impetus, this bottom tier.
He divided the cherries. Consider what circuitry
eggs on Hobsbawm. What is more, pipe or wife?
So long, so long, sum-total.
I should love to stay in bed,
in the socio-economic sense.

The twentieth century an appendage
to like, dislike, to hate, to love.
The children are told a story before bed
not disturbing to structural stability.
Impetuosity! Weekends?
We can discuss this matter no further.

I thought the acting was excellent
excuses for our failures. Gradually
libraries, rotary engine and so on;
wool from Australia, timber from Finland.
Protest movements—just a little, please.
Insofar as a knit community’s nesting circle
lights coal fires in their sitting room,

we know each other quite well.
Where will the projectile (a pack of wolves,
a bunch of grapes) land? Tables of figures,
the point where the line cuts the y. Much is
crystal in the beginning: big oak tree.
The famous danger: lots of pyjamas;
couples dancing Chomsky
head for the public bazaar.

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