And What Did You Have Yesterday

By | 1 September 2013

A plate of semi-distant futures
Left in sort of unscrubbed tourmaline forkware
Waiting for the bacon to leap to its tines (–) ;

Killing fields of audience
Makeshift in its pre-prepared out-of-the-
Fridge whoopsie stare and on
To your plate
saucer, there was tea).

I had transmissive leftover’d toward
Reportage of guests and their stewed arrival
As aristocrats did in this faded age,(.)

But it was all toast in the daisyfield
Of vegemite unfolding in the sunbeams’ aim:
awake, awake(;)(!), we were called like
Little children and assumed the moment
Was only for us;(,)

Yet the sullen window remasked its reflection
And opted to condemn this merrie way
To a swaggered and somewhat stunned reunion
Of cereals and swollen fruit:(:)

I had mapped the flight-mammals’ path
To no semi-practical end – (;)
It really was foredoomed to a sunrise
Of dormant species’ happy chirpings
Left and looming on some bushy hedge(,)

And the verdant britalline of the
biplane’s sunset headed toward
some unexplained horizon
swimming in my watery how-do-you-do
Mid-greetery eggs

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