Learning to Read Wang Fuzhi, with Difficulty

By | 1 August 2017
Qing (情) is hard
to translate; I am not
sure I know what it means

an old man strutting
a fat man strutting, his gut
projecting, not rolling
but trembling, shaking
like leaves
in the breeze older
than me at least.

the tree trembles; joy
because well-rooted.
This man is happy.
Qing is subjective

or so
the pocket dictionary

a man of substance; his belly
a polka, waltz dancing
like bean geese in winter
flutter, tremble, shake.

Jing (景) is easier
to live with:
the visual-in-words

a phraseology lexicon

reeds bristling in water
like glass, fogged with
pollen, like shaving
cream, shorn stubble, mirror;
like the dove trees,
libations of weary leaves
poured out into the Yangtze
brushed down, off
painted words on a
cream, receptive screen

at the movies flirting with
light, jet-
traced tangent to the
ghost of a screen
in the dark.


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