Second home- Sasural (in-laws house)

By | 1 February 2022

A woman moves in-between homes
homes that own her.
Her body is not
even her own

My body
Once upon a time before me and my sister’s time
love was an arrangement
The men of my family
were wedded to their land
before they married their wives.
While my mother, grandmother and the mothers before them
were wedded to an endless motherhood.

“You have a mother’s body”
they told us everyday
So learn to care
learn to nourish
practice everyday
to pour your love in others vessel.

He’ll build a house for you
brick by brick
the walls are to be painted by you
your kids will call it home.
Together you’ll save them.

But you alone will mother them,
The house, the husband and the kids.

Because “you have a mother’s body”
It’s always someone’s home.

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