Reality Recreated

By | 1 August 2012

A transcending wheel of regrets
Sprouts forth wisps of choices.

Which world shall you conquer?

A directory of multiple screens,
Different routes, the same ending,
Where everything is really fake
But the enjoyment is surreally real.

An unhappy fairytale, an enchanted traveler
Bestowed with the gears of the mind.
A clockwork so extensive,
It has gone digital

Like a boy at the toy store,
He plays with what isn’t his,
A remote controller browsing fake realities.

Films of futuristic memories
Resurface on calm waters.
A beautiful portrayal distorted by the ripples of time.

One-time routines, impossible horrors, desired fantasies
Forged in the darkness of Helios
Shattered by glows of the god.

A current future passing,
A thought remaining unexplored

What could tonight’s dreams hold?

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