Letter of Accord

By | 1 May 2003

For Robert and Patrick

Odd times I still felt sideways
From your breath and stride,
Which nine years apart would do
Even with monthly phone calls,
Occasional photo and email,
The hollow confidence of wire,
Grains of ink, same questions
Of your habits, school reports,
Books read, films watched,
Favourite sporting teams,
Friendships and latest pets—
Yet that two weeks together
Was ease confounding distance,
A dynamic of intimacy
10,000 miles can endure.

It began at the airport,
Exclamation of names and smiles,
Easy hugs, eager talk,
Then afternoons of music immersion:
Your mosh pit ska and punk,
Our concord on 70s rock,
MTV concerts and quizzes.

Then evenings distilling beliefs:
Correlations in Church and State,
Merits of Lotus and Cross,
Boycotts of corporation lures,
Bouyancy of career choices.

But mostly the mornings:
Waking in your den
To an aromatic collusion
Of coffee and toast, your playing
A sport computer game
Or sewing band patches
To a cap, knowing the day
Will flourish with lessons
In stone skipping, guitar chords,
Cable cartoon shows, more flair
And facility in the pact of names
Like Son and Dad, moreso Mite,
Your jest on my accent, days
Converging into rapport
Even after airport goodbyes,
A fluency of breath
As we pace continents.

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