Petar Tchouhov: 5 Haiku

6 March 2009


проститутката ме нарича


full moon the call girl calls me angel
най-дългата нощ гарван краде очите на снежен човек
the longest night a raven steals the eyes of a snowman
нощна буря мисля за куклите на тавана
night storm I’m thinking about the dolls in the attic
задушница отварям черния чадър на баща ми
All Souls' Day I open my father's black umbrella
incessant rain a book from a library that no longer exists

First appeared in Shiki Kukai, February 2008, First Place, Ginyu 28, October 2005, Shiki Kukai, December 2006, Second place; Big Sky: The Red Moon Anthology 2006. Final haiku written in English only – The Heron’s Nest 9.4, December 2007 and Dust of Summers: The Red Moon Anthology 2007.

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