Lenard D. Moore: 5 Haiku

4 March 2009

red dust-- a little boy sprints the bases between innings
new century-- the neighbor's rusty car still on blocks
misty river-- the drone of the drawbridge still in my ears
autumn sunset hospital helicopter rises from the heliport
spring moon I bend to touch my daughter's name on the tombstone

First published in (1) The Heron’s Nest, Volume III, Number 1: January, 2001; (2) The Heron’s Nest, Volume III, Number 5: May, 2001; (3) The Heron’s Nest, Volume VII, Number 4: December, 2005; (4) Frogpond, Volume 31 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2008; (5) Modern Haiku, Volume 39 Number 1, Winter-Spring 2008.

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