By | 31 July 2012

brown cuckoo-dove, brown treecreeper, brown gerygone, brown
songlark, brown thornbill, russet-tailed thrush, chestnut teal,
chestnut-rumped heathwren, chestnut-rumped thornbill, chestnutcrowned
babbler, chestnut-breasted quail-thrush, buff-breasted
buttonquail, buff-rumped thornbill, pink-eared duck, plum-headed
finch, blue bonnet, blue-winged parrot, blue-billed duck,
purple-crowned lorikeet, purple-crowned fairywren, turquoise
parrot, green catbird, olive whistler, orange chat, tawny
frogmouth, common bronzewing, brush bronzewing, flock
bronzewing, golden bowerbird, scarlet-chested parrot, scarlet
myzomela, flame robin, crimson chat, crimson rosella, paleheaded
rosella, rose robin, redthroat, red-chested buttonquail,
red-back kingfisher, red-rumped parrot, red-kneed dotterel, red
goshawk, red-browed treecreeper, red-backed fairywren, red
wattlebird, red-browed pardalote, red-capped robin, red-browed
firetail, red-tailed black-cockatoo, black-breasted buttonquail,
black-eared cuckoo, glossy black-cockatoo, black-tailed nativehen,
black-breasted kite, black-shouldered kite, black falcon,
black-tailed treecreeper, black-chinned honeyeater, blackthroated
finch, yellow-tailed black-cockatoo, yellow-spotted
honeyeater, yellow-faced honeyeater, yellow honeyeater, yellowtufted
honeyeater, yellow-throated miner, yellow chat, yellowthroated
scrubwren, yellow-rumped thornbill, yellow thornbill,
pale-yellow robin, yellow robin, Australian yellow white-eye,
white-headed pigeon, white-throated treecreeper, white-browed
treecreeper, white-winged fairywren, white-streaked honeyeater,
white-gaped honeyeater, white-eared honeyeater, white-naped
honeyeater, white-cheeked honeyeater, white-fronted honeyeater,
white-fronted chat, white-browed scrubwren, white-browed robin,
white-browed babbler, southern whiteface, banded whiteface,
white-winged chough, white-breasted whistler, white-browed
woodswallow, white-eared monarch, white-backed swallow, silvercrowned
friarbird, grey falcon, grey grasswren, grey-headed
honeyeater, grey-fronted honeyeater, grey-headed robin, grey

                                                     superb fairywren!



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