the zero manifesto

By | 28 November 2006

And infinity
I enter my generation
Conceived, spurted, swelled belly, and birthed
Into an atmosphere more polluted than the last

Indivisibly chemical signatures
Tap along my nerve endings
Thalen that make women of boys
Pregnant women wash your hair at risk

Gordon Gecko years of greed is good
Now masked with paradox delivered
revelations from celebrity gods
We must earn more
To stop poverty

Buy a wrist band no one can eat
Reminding you to “Stop Poverty™”
Wear it near the biro scrawl
reminding you to “buy more milk”

We stagger under Darfur, Timor, Lebanon, tsunamis and cyclones
Helpless as mewling infants
against decades of uncivil war
Internal and external to our bodies

We gobble newsbytes, join morning television families
With whom we share no genetic trace nor smelly uncle

We are lost in a wild thicket of misinfomercials
Our labor is no longer cheap enough
To be worth anything
.53 seconds to produce a Nike™ product
and 56% of our weekly wage
goes off shore, no where
for shoes smarter than we are

we are valuable
like cattle are
marked by what we stuff into our mouths
faster again and again
in the depth of our consumerablity
Our souls slowly starve

The numberless number of the noughties is upon us
Zero and zero and zero
emptiness in a time of chaos

minimalist? Try ikea™

when I cry enough’ offers me my own webspace

I am a set of acronyms
This is (insert name here)
my CliP, my Current Life Partner™
love forever, until the next time

All is an everywhere and everywhere
there is nothing

escape through the sliver thin gaps between commercials
Follow the fading white dot in my
Grandmother's Herculean television
Down the rabbit hole
Into nowhere

I listen, I eat
But nothing nourishes
Slow food?
How about slow thinking
Measured pedantic
Beautiful and hesitant
                             Rule #1 : Trust nothing you can't kill a cockroach with
                                                one handed.
The rest
I forget

My nervous system thrums
Like a whale's sonar
jammed by a thousand rotting supertankers ploughing
Noisy silt across the bluegreen

If I could beach myself
For some quiet
I would

But I carry the super highway within
Tapped into the genes now
Of my generation

We rot slower from the preservatives
Taste sweeter to man eaters
I am
refined sugarflesh

Three friends I know have brain tumors
This year alone
Cancer in our young bodies
the first uneven chemical tapestry

One in four with mental illness
Depression is like sonar malfunction
White noise of our generation

Thumbs no longer grip on life's tree
But grow like fingers
Better to be dexterous txters
Than to hold on for dear life
Dear life
Dear life – where have you gone?

Khrisnacrystaljesus hallejujah!

Can't fuck without plastic nineties
Gave way to typing on plastic
Care less we no longer need flesh
To smell
We climax over keyboards

One in two fail
Blend that family
Reminds me of a joke
Something about frogs in blenders
A mess in any case.

Savage day after savage day
enmeshed in my veins
are a thousand conversations, I never had
The numbers on my belly disguise a pentagram
a secret Armageddon, the last child on earth born
the last night on earth.
And we were out shopping

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