Crown Of Moons

By | 1 August 2021

Energy sandstorm crackling
granular bismuth plankton
and not correlating its seethe
but finding the temerity of wave
in flared points that are pregnant
with voids backward spark cathedral
masochistic trash archipelagos
sutures of lava flow and disembodied
flames make flesh eager to amass
dendritic silhouettes of matter trees
rock swallows wood to become water
in a bliss of levels and effort circles
a crown of moons a calendar of milks
synthetic eyes arranged to monitor insect
apocalypse downgraded to cell errata
bouquets of freshly destroyed steel
man made of remnants among lasso rope
reflection of edifice skyreach tortured
dancers in gleaming wheelchairs no
one can count the tragedy arcs
heavy inked on expensive paper
feverish mutinies in gravel dugouts
fecal ribbons in the city water
dogs mutating in tumblewood chatter
videocassettes sold in dust markets
whereby objects multiply platforms
and beach towels you are a memory
for the fact of stuff haloed bank integers
like tallies across jet realms animals
scissored in halogen rooms halogen attic

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