The Expansive Aura of Discs

By | 1 August 2016

Sit down in a comfortable, quiet setting. Alter your default settings. Find a CD that you love. (It is best if it is a DIVINE SOUL CD, but this does not have to be the case.) Take the CD out of the case. Place the CD on your head. Balance it there. Focus on the CD. See the CD, not with your eyes, but with your mind. Reach through the jewel case of your mind and feel the CD. Consider that this CD is an object. Consider that all objects have a soul. Consider that this CD has a soul. Consider that the light embracing the CD is encasing your mind in a curdled rainbow halo. Do you mind that? Do you feel warmth? Do you feel anything? Consider that there is nothing you are meant to feel. Consider that the soul of the CD contains songs that are part of the song your soul sings, part of the universal soul song. Play the CD with your mind. Sing the songs of the CD, remembering that all CDs are transitional objects connecting individual songs with the curdled rainbow of the universal DIVINE song. Slowly feel the songs of the CD, and your songs, merge with all other possible soul songs. Carefully remove your CD halo from your head and place it in the microwave on high. Observe it transcend. Celebrate the residual transcendence it has left behind. Download, from the universe, any one of the songs from the CD and make it your personal ringtone. Every time the secular calls, unify this disruption with connectivity.


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