The Reader

By | 22 June 2001

Found Poem at Harold Park Hotel

The reader (a visiting American novelist) did not
read he took from the pockets of his suit pieces
of paper and said I did not think it would be
so casual here well unlike Maupassant I no longer
describe things that has been done before
I only give the bones now in other words the dial
logue as I trust my readers imagination they can
fill the gaps themselves and if you ask me why I
write I can only say I don't want to fall asleep
infront of my typewriter (laughter) and if you ask me
whom I admire it is Gogol right here and now his
Dead Souls are still alive today (laughter) for most
other literature present or past I don't care much
in my country people no longer read or never have
read if anything they like to do it is to watch a
writer on television it seems here in Australia
everyone is as Warhol has said famous for five
minutes (applause) you are a very appreciative audien
ce the kind we never have had in the United States

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