All Together Now

By | 22 June 2001

train jerk-sailing
through fairy meadow
woonona bulli thirroul
scraping and scrubbing
mind just clearing the tracks

how it feels again to crash
through slow barriers of minutes
afternoon towns
of the stale, crushed
public family

loud puppytalk
breaking glass in the carriage
ferrying me back to an afterlife
in my childhood room
after two broken marriages
with my mother and the ghost of my father

a gnarly old couple who've stuck together
faces clamped
finish their meat and bread and butter
from brown bags across the aisle
and fall asleep
the sea greysailing by the windows

looks like they've died
in a crumpled heap
parachute collapsed
in her corner of wall
he sitting straight with closed eyes
his open dark oval mouthway
to the dead

small metal scrapings
of CD leaking earphones
frizzled edges of the massive gloss
of sonic movies filling each head
beside other panes of glass
we ride like dolls

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