Poem composed by predictive text

By | 1 November 2016

Grammar and I don’t think it’s funny when you get to see the movie
and it will not let you down to earth to be able to see my friends
are like that I don’t have the same thing over and over again
in a while ago but I can’t believe I’m going to be the first time
since the beginning of the day before the update and now it crashes
every time you have a great way of saying it is not an issue of
whether or how much I love you so much fun with the new version
and the rest is history of the best way for a long day ahead
with plans for a few days ago when the sun goes on and off
for the next two years of my friends and relatives who was born
on this album and the rest of the best of luck for the rest is just
too cute for me to be in your eyes and I have no clue how much
you can get a follow back please let this go to bed now
so you know what to do wear a shirt and a half hour to go out
with the new one for a while and then you can do this is not
an easy to get my nails are so many people are just so you

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