Where o where

By | 1 December 2011

Are they dampening my friends’ wind chimes’ silly noises or stuck helplessly in their hairs like cats in a monsoon gutter.

Are they in the hands of tiny incompetent jugglers hellbent on forging their own useless and beautiful careers.

Are they going to school alone despite their minor age the buses late the bells loud the sisters and brothers off with their older maybe boyfriends.

Are they fixing engines happy in grease and knuckles wrinkled from endless brilliant exertions that unjust yet profitable bosses wish.

Are they traveling on unexpected buses theirs fears left in Melbourne the corner of Collins and Spring Sts hopeless really while expected rallies flat as a medieval earth fall.

Are they dating online fucking in toilets under bridges at the beach in the forest yes let them be there inhaling the air thick with life lingering while they catch their breaths just a minute I’ll be with you.

Where o where are my dreadlocks now.


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