Variations at Café Chéri(e)

By | 1 December 2011

The sun sets in the time it takes for the waitress to come.

i) In light darkness we sit; how to order has slipped our minds.

ii) A thought of leaving… But here she is, behind a red smile.

iii) She holds a tray by her side: a pale sliver, wet moonshine.

iv) The sky: the far-off blue-green tint of a top-shelf bottle.

v) Faces in the twilight: wet rings on a half-cleared table.

vi) A man wipes the last drop of light from his chin; lifts his head.

vii) An old regular nurses his beard; the froth is long gone.

viii) A woman combs the day’s rays from her hair: blonde becomes brune.

ix) In the gloom of our reflected selves, indecision…

x) From here one might say that it was sucked into the city.

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