The Photograph Snapped at the Mosque

By | 1 March 2017

Large, square, black and white.
A father, an uncle, a sheik,
and an Imam –
turban on his head,
earth color aba draped across
his wide shoulders,
silver wire glasses.
He is smiling.

They’re all smiling,
looking down
at a little girl, Noor,
three years old, whose eyes chase
some child-crayoned daydream
far past the edge.

But here,
in this well framed photo
her body stands in black and white,
dressed in grey burka cloth,
not a strand of hair visible, no arms,
knees, only the smooth skin
of her face and hands.

Towering above her,
four good men, pleased
with little Noor. They,
in their short-sleeves,
in Chicago’s mid-summer heat.

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