By | 1 March 2017

The earth runs through you, brother.
You are constellations of clover,

the watercolour green
in willow weed,

the red inflorescence of sorrel.
I listen to the wet soil

as if your voice could find me
through buttercups and their dark arteries

or the looping roots of lilies.
They are undoing your body

and my grief blooms.

In response to Ka pinea koe e ahau. Ki te pine o te aroha.
Ki te pine e kore nei E waikura e. A lament.
(Trans. ‘I will
pin you to me. With the pin of love. With a pin that will never
rust away’). By Shona Rapira-Davies, 2011, Dimensions: 136 x 136 cm,
Victoria University Art Collection.

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