Cows and Pulpit Rock

By | 1 March 2017

One cow dog-alert, the other
easy in her bones, the foreground
a wash of summer yellow.

Brush-marks above the river:
ferns and rock orchids in the gullies,
wildflowers and gums below

his cerulean sky. In harsh light
or soft, he reveals his caged heart,
the chains, the bride, Nebuchadnezzar,

the tortured lovers, from his war-dreams
and early bible, what we have become
or could. Our hearts chilled,

we cross the river flats in silence.
Today, no boats on the Shoalhaven,
no wind, though the parrots are restless.

In response to Cows and Pulpit Rock, Arthur Boyd, 1998,
Collagraph, 70x79cm, Bundanon Trust Riversdale, NSW.

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