after infatuation—ross bleckner—oil on linen

By | 1 March 2017

imagine desire as compressed heat, as a star,
a supernova—place it inside a box

wrapped in stripes of warm colors,
red black orange gold and white

like a gift on your birthday. a wounded red bow
toward the left, toward the top, to say:

I am for you—open me. if it were only so easy

to feel that large, to fill a room
and still keep your heart

contained—but like any gift,
what you want is to touch

the thing inside. all you need is an edge
to rip, but in the end you’re too small

and it’s too big—

In response to Infatuation by Ross Bleckner, 244 x 508 cm.
At time of viewing, housed at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA.

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