this is not cinema

By | 1 February 2020

they found micro-plastics
in all of our food and in the deepest caverns
of the ocean and I don’t know how it got there
but it can’t be good

the ibis are eating nacho cheese Doritos®
on concrete perches by your local petrol station skip
and if you haven’t seen them yet just watch the trailer online with a narration
that ends: coming soon to a 7/11 near you

listen to the greedy honks & maniacal chews
of the much maligned ibis: newfound figurehead for our urban ecology
(sacred bird = sacred meme)

and by the way — Doritos® invented in Disneyland® (coincidence?)
more and more I feel we are living in a cartoon (the eyebrows
are the giveaway)
with the oh so many comic book movies
that make Scorsese cry: this is not cinema
from lower Manhattan balconies or on late night talk show television
or at card games in back rooms somewhere in Little Italy
(and now I am thinking: Doritos® Pizza?)

Doritos® Doritos® Doritos®….‘little gold’ in Spanish
(a poor and ungrammatical translation)

and the ibis lived in wetlands before the micro-plastics and invasive carp species
and I don’t mean to labour the point but goldfish
are a little carp species, which, adopting the Spanish,
we might call: Doritos® of the sea


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