Amazon up in smoke

By | 1 February 2020

Do thoughts + prayers work for the burning of the planet’s lungs?
lol asking for Bolsonaro (can we blame video games for this, too)
See, we let them have the Olympics once & this is how they repay us? Geeze.
Would a wall of strong Russian steel slats perhaps help contain this issue?
How about blaming at least 85% of this on Jewish Democrats?
I, for one, do not believe anything is actually burning in Brazil at all–
It’s so annoying how people compare this to Notre Dame; ND was technically someone’s
property, not just random unkept “nature”, that’s why it got rebuilt so fast.

Well, I mean, did the Brazilians properly rake their forest floors? Highly doubt it.
Are the favelas still intact? Okay, cool, just checking.
Do NOT use this relatively “tiny, completely natural forest fire” to stump about junk “science”
and “global warming yadda yadda” because it sounds like Al Gore is making millions off of this
in his private jet- makes me sick. Democrats are so disgusting (and violent).
It’s prolly happening because Amazon doesn’t pay any taxes. Sad!

If it’s so “catastrophic”, how come no people are dying? OMG get over it already lol
Remember when Barack Obama personally started those heinous Amazonian rain forest fires
that permanently + irreversibly scarred our Planet’s lungs forever? Now he wants your guns!!!
I heard it’s the lugenpresse starting all the fires everywhere and I wouldn’t put it past them

How come the aboriginals aren’t doing anything to put out these fires? Are they in on it or
something? Hmm, sounds fishy, I’m just gonna say it.
It’s not in the King James Version so I don’t think it’s gonna be a big deal at all ha ha y’all
always exaggerating smh calm down
There is a silver lining in all these smoke clouds, though, guys:
AMAZON FIRE HD ON SALE $121.99 with free shipping ok
I’m out of ideas
I’m out of oxygen

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