By | 1 February 2019
Painful fluorescent light is the first thing you realise
It numbs the noise for a second or so
Then that arrives too
Rushes into your ears
Disturbs the depths of your soul

You wish she would stop staring
But she is everywhere
In all the windows
In all that gloss and shine and noise
A lie of perfection, she fits into this place of deceit

Trolleys whirl, an appendage of the people
Filled with not needed things
A child screams
Maybe they see it too
Luckily children only disturb their parents

Mass purchases of drones shape the economy
With more noise
More purchases of water in plastic
I think I saw bananas wrapped in plastic
Maybe they were the ones being thrown out

Don’t be dramatic, this place is not a warzone
Just the cascade of convenient consumption
But that diamond sparkles with the memory of someone who died for it
And the red of that bargain shirt is coloured
by the child’s blood that seeped secretly into it

And below us the earth quickly burns.

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