It Starts Small, Just a Slight

By | 1 February 2019

a quick burst that flies out
through the room
just a slight
of your dress, your hair

so quick you’re not sure
what it was
you look up, look
around, but it’s still
he’s still, the window’s
closed off
it’s nothing
you must have imagined it

it builds up, a gust
to a buffet
he changes
shaking the door
rattling pictures

the after
knocking over books
breaking your coffee cup

you can feel it
in your bones
but it’s over so fast

he says you’re just
too sensitive

he says
you’re a lot of things
and you think it’s just

until one day
the earth slides beneath you
walls tilt inward
plaster begins to crack
and open in deep rents
chunks of wall barely miss your eye
as fronts slide away

you’d try hiding under the table
but it’s in pieces

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