fairy fagdalene

By | 15 February 2023

androgynous archangel
gabriel watches the automatic pen
i hold whispers in my ear
“queerness forever my religion”

through astral projection
conjure the new interpretation
a non-binary mary magdalene
a reborn fairy fagdalene

their burgundy undercut
coils their entire body
the magenta flame
smokes their earth-tone eyes
ascended genderless saint adorned
a metallic lilac robe
behold the gayest muse strutting
glitzy sunset boulevard
fairy fagdelene protects me
in the city of angels
thriving on extreme polarities

a dawn of violet skies
crystal cumulous clouds
fairy fagdalene impenitently floats
a resplendent fuchsia ray
their opalescent aureole shines
compassion and mutual aid
opens blissful platinum gates
toward sumptuous heavens
their clairvoyancy guides
the sacred trans community
ecstatic cherubim surround
their patronx fairy fagdalene

safeguarding lavender orbs swarm
their archangel michael gifted broadsword
pulled out from their thighs
the cisgender cannot handle
genderless saint fairy fagdalene
their divine sword reflects prismatic light
lucifer’s crimson eyelids
shed holy kaleidoscopic tears
transphobic demons evaporate
baptized by purple rain
an earth without gender
fairy fagdalene dreams

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