Continental Bodies

By | 15 February 2023

i think that: this love is continental
some historic mainland narrative
open fields and svelte ravines of fresh water
but also, politics, and confrontation, and
the occasional warring city-state
differences of opinion about desire, jealousy,
the colour when buying new window shades

and togetherness, as a collective organism
coaxed from the gummy pools of a cambrian
explosion – an antediluvian fondness for violence
dirty sex whistled into the picture
hair pulling and slackened jaws
and unlike all my other loves
this eye contact – moored planets
gravitating moons anchored down
never flinching, in even the gaudiest light
unperturbed by my ugliness, my despair
by this cargo taxed with bitterness.

shall i call this: ignorance or just
plaster my criticism in the papers
wait for the unrivalled knife
keep my chest unprotected for slaughter

or does this earthly love come without
a death date? no mayan calendar to abide
and when the earth splits and cracks
i’ll just look at you, at those cosmic giants for eyes
the comfort of a satellite gaze unwilling to look away.

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