By | 15 February 2023

I see you and think Australia,
Bunya Pine. You’re less Christmassy
than the Norfolk—they get all the
gifts, praise and beachfront real estate.
Yet you provide timber floors for
Queenslander homes and pine soundboards
for fine guitars. You stand tall, your

wiry, fishbone frame, laddered. Straight
brocade on a trooper’s breast. Like
plantation regiments; your bursts
of evergreen gunfire right at
the end. You’re dropping deadly bombs
without warning—ten-kilo seed

cones falling on unsuspecting
walkers. But you’re food for thought. You
fed the dinosaurs, too—wise old,
ancient you. And just ask those who
know their bush tucker, they’ll tell ya:
“Fella, no tree coulda outdone
ya.” Yeah, you’re a good stick, Bunya.

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