By | 15 February 2023

Dedication’s pressing his twenties, had his smile contentious.
Somewhere between portraits, pokies and payslips
he’s hit the minor-jackpot-black-privilege.

That’s the-kettle-calling-the-pot-black-scholarship,
that’s front-page-university-magazine that’s naidoc-week.
All-teeth no-sleep still-black-coffee.

Three-chapters-deep, lofi-on-repeat,
thesis won’t break me, no time for poetry,
don’t panic, it’s pay week. Too many
‘you ain’t been yourself’s lately,
no wonder – that assessment’s due bra.

Pressures pressing his twenties, or more a fear of pressure.
Fears a deeper cession lies due in his expression,
of outlandish-landless-semantics, that king’s english.
Fears he’s fucking up his existence,

Depression pressing his twenties, fears he’ll lose himself.
Fears of losing a mother to his unrest, devotedly
cradles her, unsettled-complexion painting him a

Fears losing another brother to an entendre,
some-antics always test their patience.
So he wanders, he wonders and ponders,
resting his sentences, more comprehensive.

He’s learning to keep his heart vacant, he’s learning patience.
Learning that self-deprecating, 25-to-life-type-dedication.

A ventriloquising-third-person fulla.
An overly-devoted-traditional-custodian fulla.
Antiheroic-environmentalist fulla.
A not-like-the-rest fulla.

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