the tie clip [sampling Heidegger

By | 1 August 2010
when I walk in the garden my tie is kept down with a tie clip Being Becoming Care Angst Being-Towards-Death Un-Home The Mob Babble Uncanny Mood Voiding Void Thrown-ness Speaking Situation The Clearing Being-Ahead-of-Yourself Falling Existence Letting-Be Truth Forgetting Being Hannah Arendt Authenticity Decision Resolve when I walk in the garden my tie is kept down The National Socialist Revolution brings a complete revolution to our German existence Doctrine and ideas shall no longer govern your existence when I walk in the garden my tie The Führer himself and only he is the current and future reality of Germany and his word is your law If you see a light in my office at exactly 9 pm you can come We first understand the glory and the greatness of the Hitler revolution when we carry implanted deep within us this reflection Everything that is great is in the midst of the storm when I walk in the garden Hannah Now there is a sharp battle to be fought in the spirit of National Socialism which must not stifle on account of humanistic Christian notions that hold us down by their imprecision at exactly 9 pm you can come Study must once again become a gamble with no protection for the cowardly Whoever does not survive the fight will be left to lie on the field of battle when I walk in Hannah The new courage must become accustomed to constancy for according to the leaders the battle will go on for a long time It will be fought with all the strength of the new Reich which Chancellor Hitler will bring to reality with a tie clip It must be fought by a hard race of men Hannah who take no thought for themselves and who live constantly under ordeal ever striving toward their goal like a female Jewish palindrome where monologue becomes dialogue Being & Time lose their tie clip

[Heidegger quotes from: M. Heidegger, German Existentialism. Translated and with introduction by D. D. Runes, New York: The Wisdom Library Division of Philosophical Library Inc. 1965 (direct quotes from Heidegger)

The tie clip and ‘If you see a light’ – from: W. Honan, “Hannah Arendt’s love with the perfect Nazi”, Sydney Morning Herald 11/11/1995]


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