Garden Piece

By | 1 August 2010

This is not a document of barbarism, we said
                                                        but the weather was fine
and the girls/women were in swimsuit ads
                                                        or at least we thought
they were, but from our position on the dirty
                                                        parterre, really all
that could be seen were the fibrous wires
                                                        holding everything together.

Those fibrous wires, they said, are surely but
                                                        chainlinks in a larger
fence, but the goods, tainted as they were, couldn’t be
                                                        sold, so we didn’t reply.
A new start, really, was all we were looking for
                                                        and our study of homiletics
definitely contributed to that, though the inbreaking
                                                        remained unbroken.

So what, you might say, as they did, there’s nothing
                                                        new under the sun,
which, anyway, was gone from its hegemonic position.
                                                        Meanwhile, on the parterre,
the tulips were thoroughly roasted. Odoriferous, we
                                                        laughed and held our noses.
Everything vegetates, this is known. The cycle of nature,
     we said, remains unbroken.

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