Philomela Knight’s Favourite Part of the Week

By | 24 September 2002

the symbol for you was a wandering spirit
in a book of enigmas

– Jorge Luis Borges to the nightingale

Philomela Knight's
favourite part of the week
is Wednesday morning –
just before her Dialectics
Tutorial meets. [Gk. dialektike:
art of formulating ideas.
Ln. dialectica: primary defn.:
art of discussion & debate.]
Behind a plastic sheet, while
rubbing a compact moon
of tangerine flavoured soap
along the length of her arms
& thighs, she recites (out
loud) broken pieces of
the textual curricula:
The sublime object
dissolves in the raptures
of a bottomless memory.

Wet-hair deltas conflate
like pleasure & pain in the centre
of her back. Larval white foam
accumulates at her knee-pits.
The rhythmic chora of her lips
in rehearsal unlaces sutures
at the junctions of in-terior /
ex-terior. Braids together
suppositions ethnographically
far apart as Canada and Paris.
Emotion is a liquefying
substance which pours into
a person and dissolves her.

Her cortical appendages
beginning to flex.

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