Ern Malley's Cat: pigeon 500

26 November 2005
i like it when that pigeon man is
playing and                                   it seems so distant now
but i remember this other man who was a seagull there is this
memory                                          is this the real life
                                                           or is it just
i have this                                      this sensation of
great happiness watching the seagull play
i remember it when these two were playing its good to sit there late at night
on a warm lap

trying to keep my eyes open & dreaming of pigeons the same
things keep happening in the cricket as in my dreams its
just pigeon after pigeon                       after pigeon after pigeon
after pigeon                                     when i sit at the window sill
                                                            in the mornings
                                                            watching the pigeons
i think its the cricket again        again
his boots are taking on a golden sheen
                                                            i saw a bit of this film the other day
                                                            and there was beat takeshi
                                                            slapping this mans face
over & over again
there is no difference between the replay
and the next ball                           &
&                                                         the sound of them birds

                                                             i also love all the leaping about
muttering away in the morning   & darting after the ball
                                                             the heater on so late into the night

Ern Malley's cat writes: “the 2005 ashes series was my first ashes”.

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