Penumbra O’Malley: Questions from Isla Negra

By | 1 December 2010


the slowness of turtles is as green as lime
and turns the camel orange
their humps are pregnant with new words
turtles oranges and camels
hide sustenance & succulence
under round rinds

Note: “Que conversas con las naranjos” – “that which chats with the oranges”


the sad mind of doves is full of stops
that reap war’s loss
the head of the cote maps the way to extinction
so we may enjoy companions on the way
a dove knows peace only when dead
leopard-wars begin in every spot
the landscape of death is taught so doves
and leopards can find their way home
the swallows left behind are cared for
by householders with lives
swallows write poems in the sky
for their last dusk-time flight


the intensity of the eclipse
reveals the gynoecium
at the centre of our star
burns for ash
and clouds of imagination


the number of bees in a day
is equal to the number of seeds
in a sunflower that shines on you

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