“We the Dirt”

By | 15 May 2017

We are the dirt

Divine earth

We are the trampled upon

Sampled and drawn from the direction of the dawn
To build empires on which the sun was never supposed to set
We were never supposed to get
Only begotten
Sons and daughters forgotten

by Heaven

We are the dirt

That covered the floors of hell
And protected the demon’s feet from the heat
Of their own sins
We are the dirt that they could not wash from their skins
We are the mud they rolled in
To wash and rinse

Left to dry

We are the dirt that still carries the blood stains they left behind

Benign brown earth

Our worth long under valued
Volcanic earth
From our core
Love and light like lava
We are the fertile soil where new life refuses to not grow
God refuses to not sow
Seeds in us
We are the dirt that will never turn to dust
Come to together
Convene in mounds
And rise
As mountains
Serene and stable
High tables prepared in the midst of enemies
Cups running over with energy
Plates cleared of enmity

Even though scorched by the slash and burn techniques
We are the dirt
The earth’s sweat
Sweet dew
And we will have our due
Long overdue
We the earth lay in waiting
Making preparations for the coming of the crop
We the dirt that form the blocks that build the citadel on hardest hill’s top

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