To the Diamonds (after Newton)

By | 1 April 2016

from Glass Action

Sulphurous gold-bearing vapor
signals the presence of copper
and gold near the mountainous crown.
Diamonds found also after the glass crackt
and some of the matter (diamonds from inside where)
pressurized carbon forms the hardest substance
(Superman does this in an early episode)
as later sand sticks to hot iron and flows
Active Geothermal Systems and Gold-Mercury Deposits
And mercury is found in local fog

Recent theory of diamonds
Jupiter and Saturn awash in them
floating in liquid hydrogen-helium also
Moon sized one found in constellation Centaurus

When, back to the laboratory,
red dusty Sulphur adhering to the glass
like wax and flew most of it away
resulting in weathered masses of clay
the famous “blue ground”
held over a candle
they flew both away
in the same heat and time
(also called the sublimate)
As ejecta including diamonds
explosively placed by volatile magmas
creates beryl & red emeralds
rarer than diamonds they
form near the surface at low pressure
instead of far below at high

To make a diamond. I Newton.
Take the whitest flint thou canst get &
beat the outside & dissolve the rest as
much as thou wilt in the white water
& when it is dissolved to clear (not to a pap)
put it into a violl and stop it close
and set in warm ashes & in 12 days
it will congeal to a hard gray
stone then increase the fire that the glass
may be red hot, let it cool & take it out
it will be like flint but polish it
and thou never sawest such a
sparkling diamond or so hard

I, Newton, having been not only a witness
but also an actor of such mysteries
of Nature as the world is not worth of &
the wise men of the world do scarce believe

the Vultur being upon the mountain
crys with loud voice I am
white of black & red of citrine
An honorable stone which is hidden
In the caverns of the metals
Surely I speak the truth

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