The Federal District

By | 1 April 2016

There’s a part that traces the nation back to brown women getting fucked by white men. And one page has a woman holding a baby. And then another page asks why the Indian men didn’t fuck the white women. And the answer given is that there weren’t any. I was given this book on my birthday. Well actually a few days later because on my actual birthday he didn’t have a gift for me. We walked around the park and I said all the things that the vendors sell look like crap.

Another day we went to the Adidas store in La Condesa, because he wanted to. He asked how much the Mexico jersey was and the guy that worked there told him. And after they lose to Argentina? The guy snapped, The same, before correcting himself, What do you mean lose? I looked at another man in the store and we both started giggling.


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