Errant, Thus Signifying (for Martín Ramírez, painter)

By | 1 April 2016

The trajectory of the line
must face this,

“to fall is to fall”
also, “a controlled line is admirable”

First he described him as “he doesn’t speak
just mumbles” later he went on
to say “he was mute” “he could not
speak” and eventually
“he never spoke”

living the second half of his life in a search of institutions
he never dated his drawings, although
the doctor did date some of his works

A controlled line is admirable
and contains the human figure

The materials contain the human figure
and the figure in its history contains them all.

errant, thus signifying
in opposition to the authority of endings
you relocate re-title segments
as response to local landscapes

in which sky of the mind that sky dazzles

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