The Face of Evil

By | 1 February 2021

Someone painted the face of evil
with the exposed brain
(or what looks like the exposed brain)
of a Predator, thinly camouflaged with hair,
dyed blond, swept back and patted down
like the pompadour roof of a tongkonan,
where Torajas keep the dead before their burial.
Someone said the face has eyes almost blue
like the Night King, however,
with puffy under-eye bags, veined and greyish,
it looks more like a four-eyed monster.
The nose of a pig would suit it better
than the nose of a WASP.
But worst of all is the mouth, always twisting,
in scorn, in derision, in rage, in hate,
spewing out a lava flow of lies:
‘War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength,’
climate change is a Chinese hoax,
nuclear arms are lucrative deals,
windmills cause cancer,
unsavoury truths are fake news,
and on and on…

The face of evil is not
‘a cancer on … democracy’;
it is not
‘a cancer on the presidency’;
such a face is the beginning
of the end of us all.

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