Hakka Land

By | 1 February 2021

Hakka were Yellow River people but
never claimed the place, foolishness

is its own reward, we were dubbed Hak
Ka, 客家 Guest Family, forever without

place-name and fixed address, we were
unwelcome guests, butchered and un-

digested over centuries from the north
down through China’s innards, shat out

on to the tropic coast. After all the inter-
tribal prejudice we nicked off overseas

unwelcomed as yet another exotic
spicing up the locals’ slurs and slings,

Discrimi Nation is an ugly country
so big that we can never get out,

my late Bà, he just rode the curve of
rising standards and looked back only

to bunk history, he smoked and ate
until there was no tomorrow, my family

guested in the Malays’ Peninsula till
we read the riots, acting quick I was

sent south with my reduced heritage
and my secret disco shoes, but still

adding to the first peoples’ burden,
to join for good and ill the growing

guest families of Terra Lucky. Arnott’s
Family Assorted. New Hakka Land.

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