Brown skin

By | 1 February 2021

My mixed body is a battleground.
17 years of bloodshed, the source slyly
laying in my epidermis. (My melanin an atom bomb)
I imagine the successful egg and sperm did not
Join, merge or unite- but
Shoot, destruct, colonise, subjugate
A coloured baby born in war:
Wreaking havoc, leaving carnage
By outward appearance.
My parents wear blue helmets, assuaging
Tension between grand-parents.
I marauder through their homes,
A vestige of the 2003 massacre when I
Was born a bit browner than they expected.
Unsalvageable, yet I am sequestered to the shade,
Bequeathed strong sunscreen like a reluctant peace treaty
Victory is pyrrhic when I intentionally tan
Youthful sedition manifesting in lackadaisical hours
Under the relentless terroristic sun. But
appeasement is over, peaceful co-existence with mind and body
-no more- as I crave the bounty of Brown skin.
I understand my privilege: the ability to
Wear my lineal heritage and be seen
For better or for worse, this is my gain:
Ancestral connection won each glimpse in the mirror
Brown skin is my shining armour.

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